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Reverse Polish Notation

Definition 1:
Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), also known as postfix notation, was invented by Australian philosopher and computer scientist Charles Hamblin in the mid-1950s, to enable zero-address memory stores. It is derived from the Polish notation, which was introduced in 1920 by the Polish mathematician Jan Lukasiewicz....

Definition 2:
Reverse Polish Notation showcases violinist/violist Betty Widerski's original instrumental compositions as she improvises over her own multivoiced accompaniments, generated live using a looping pedal. Her creatively impromptu solo performance has been described as soothing, hypnotic and fascinating. Suitable for all ages, and especially for background music at dinners, gallery openings, entr'actes and other events that music may enhance.

Betty also composes instrumental and vocal pieces, as well as creating string arrangements for others' songs. She is available to work with singer/songwriters and bands to add strings to their existing songs, and accepts commissions for incidental music for plays, art exhibits, et al. Betty is also available for session work (violin/viola - sight-reading or improv), and to coach artists writing grant applications.

Betty Widerski - violin,viola, looper, samples

rpn at bettywiderski dot com

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